Sánchez says the PP is the same as Vox. Ayuso in Madrid says she is clear she would never do a deal with the left. What does Casado want to be?
Regional PP government in Andalusia pushes back rumoured calling of early elections in that area of Spain after result in Castilla y León.
Ciudadanos and Podemos almost disappear in ballot that leaves regional parliament more divided than ever. Provincial parties do well.
Newsletter: If the polls are right, Casado will finally have to decide if he can govern with Vox and what that means for the PP at the national level.
Newsletter: The Ciudadanos candidate in the regional elections in Castilla y León, Igea, has tested positive for Covid right at the start of the…
Newsletter: And what is the point in 2022 of election debates with half the parties people might want to vote for missing?
Newsletter: Is sending some more weapons to Kiev or troops to neighbouring countries going to be the right path if Putin invades?
Newsletter: Parties want to talk about cows and tractors and the countryside but Covid and the Ukraine crisis with Russia demand political attention.
Newsletter: Before the Russian tanks have crossed the border, the left-wing coalition government is already split on the matter. On the right, Vox's…
After analysing the four levels of action, where does that take us with the journalism I am doing and what can you do to help?
We had imagined journalism over the long term, devised a strategy to deal with it and deployed some resources towards a specific news story. Now what…
Once we have understood the strategic implications of what we are doing, how do we start to turn them into some actual journalism?